posted on: September 24, 2014

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Well, I’m back.
It’s no new news that I took some time off blogging in the past year. In fact, it was about this time last fall that I first launched my blog. Things were great, summer was relaxing, I made all my income shooting weddings on weekends & wrote my blog during the week.

I started my blog as a place to share ideas, work on fun projects, collaborate, create beautiful things, and exercise creativity. It also became a way of learning that my photography is an art. It’s easy to slip out of that mindset when you photograph 30 weddings in a season and all your photographic experience is with clients, pressure to photograph the “right” moments, and expectations of the result. Photographing for my blog was like a breath of fresh air for my creative soul. I had freedom and control to produce something new or different and as a result, wound up experimenting much more than I ever had before.

Winter came and I took two nannying jobs during the week. The time and energy I had to dedicate to blogging slowly began to get squished between work, a long-distance relationship and other factors of a busy life. Blogging started to feel more like a job than anything. I wasn’t getting paid, it was just supposed to be a fun, creative outlet for me. I had some pretty awesome collaborations and offers on the horizon and I would watch my stats and traffic slowly decline as I guilted myself into posting and staying on top of my blog. At this point I had been holding around 36k views a month and it was only my 4th month blogging. I became pretty discouraged and quickly realized how much of my identity I allowed to rest in the success of my blog.

Christmas Eve came with the best Christmas wish I could have ever dreamed of. Jake asked me to MARRY HIM. We began planning a wedding and I was still working full time up until we got married. And if that wasn’t enough, while we were engaged, we started a business. Call us crazy, you’re right.

The Fresh Collective Co. started to pick up and now I was working, working, and planning a wedding. It’s fun now to think back at all we learned and accomplished during that season of our lives. But so honestly, ‘blog’ had nearly disappeared from my thinking and definitely wasn’t on the top of my to-do list… along with ‘make your bed’.

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We have been married for 3 whole months now and sometimes we talk about how many times it’s hard to even remember life before this bliss. Sometimes, it just feels as though its always been this way. It was by far the best decision of my life.

Sometimes people ask me where I find my inspiration. And if I’m being honest, it’s not Pinterest. In fact, it almost never is. I find inspiration in people, real people. People with stories and passion. People with a desire to make an impact. I find some of my deepest inspiration on Instagram. Following the lives and stories of other individuals through photographs. Connecting with strangers and just being real together. Reflecting on the life of Christ and how his heart for all people was unconditional and not masked by circumstances or the persons accomplishments. His idea of one’s worth and identity was not made up of their followers and likes, but rested alone in His undying love for their soul.

  My photography is beginning to reflect real life more and more and that could not make my heart happier. Because THAT is where the true art is. In capturing life and emotion as it is and not creating a fake set up or emotion that just inspires people to be more fake or unreal.

Blogging means something different to me now. And I had to experience this break from it to learn so. I don’t know how often I will post, nor to I plan on keeping a schedule. I will no longer guilt myself into the “shoulds” of blogging but will instead let this free me to inspire the way I am inspired.

And for the first time again, I’m excited.

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Raleigh || NC

posted on: July 7, 2014

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This past weekend we spent a few days visiting our siblings in the amazing and beautiful city of Raleigh, North Carolina. I always find it hard to explain the “our siblings” part to people when they realize Jake and I are married and get confused when we both refer to them as our siblings. Because my sister and I married two brothers, it is true that we both went to visit (either) our sister and brother-in-law or brother and sister-in-law. Jake and I always treasure our time with them, and we love the dynamic created because of our marriages and relationships.

We spent most of the weekend exploring, dreaming, relaxing, eating great food, sipping on something cold, shopping, and laughing.

Hope y’all had a beautiful 4th weekend.

B is for Bonnie Giveaway Winner!

posted on: May 12, 2014



Let’s face it, it’s Monday. Not always the most glorious day to face… unless you’re the winner of the cutest gold foil print around!!

B is for Bonnie has sponsored this amazing giveaway of her cutest ever “Comparison is the thief of joy” print. Her talent and class doesn’t stop here, so you should continue to check out all of her other prints HERE in her shop! Amazing.

But anywhoo, one of you gets to be handed the sweetest goodness from the mailman this week! And believe me, it will be a happy day!

But okay, away with the fluff, and now for the winner. Are you ready?… drumroll please… dum da da duuum! Samantha Broderick! >>Insert lots of confetti and mini fireworks here<< Yay!! Email me with you mailing address so we can get this baby on its way!

Friends, thank you to all who entered! We have more giveaways on the way so don’t go far!

For now, have a splendid week and remember your joy is in Jesus, being made in his image and likeness, and resting in his presence. The enemy attempts many things to rob you of that joy and comparison is one of them. Stand strong my friends, stand strong.