as of lately

posted on: March 25, 2014



Lets talk about what has been inspiring me lately. I mean, it kind of always has… maybe its just the oncoming of spring that has given it a whole new life and love. It starts when the sun comes up and ends when the sun goes down. White is my favorite color because of the way it reflects this. I’m wearing my sunglasses because of… tada!! BEAUTIFUL LIGHT.

Jake and I (finally) got around to registering for our wedding last week after months of being apart and I had to laugh at my taste in items as most of our conversations went something like this:

“Do you like this?”

“Yeah! I like the white.”

“How about this?”

“Well, it’s very simple and…white.”

“And this?”

“Let me guess before I look. White.”

Taste is a funny thing, mine seems to often be changing. But one thing I never stop loving is the sun. Maybe its a win win because I do love a good, dark thunderstorm, but, am nevertheless mighty pleased at the returning of the bright warm sun the next day. (Let me clarify something: I hate when it’s wet and sunny. You know when the sun comes out right after a storm and you’re like wait are you a rainy day or sunny day? You cant be both. Not my jam. I’m up for a totally gloomy, thunderstormy day OR totally bright, sunny day.)

But for now, I cant wait for spring. Light weight tees, messy top knots, open windows, fresh air, birds (not bees), fresh fruit, flowers, long walks, long days, toes, shades, sandals, smoothies, ice cream, and morning devotions on the porch while, of course, the beautiful sun comes up.


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