Casual Winter Style

posted on: December 14, 2013



Okay, let me tell you about these wears.

This H&M Jacket, as seen in this post, has been one of my fall favorites this year. We’re getting to the end of lightweight fall jacket season, but paired with my favorite Lauren Conrad sweater that is cozier and softer than anything I have ever owned is allowing it to survive for just a wee bit longer. I promise, you will want to LIVE in this sweater and wonder why every other item of clothing isn’t sharing the same quality. My Levi’s jeans are, to date, some of my most favorite jeans. They feel a bit stiff at first but as you wear and break them in, they form to your shape and become much more relaxed but keep their firmness. Finally, Target does it again with these lace-up camel bootie wedges (the one’s I’m wearing are from last year, but these are similar for this year).

On an extremely exciting note, 11 days till Christmas!!!



  • Macy

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  • Courtney

    LOVE that jacket! And how you styled it! I can definitely see why it’s your favorite! :)