posted on: December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013, where to even begin.

It was the Saturday before Christmas and naturally I had left a good amount of my Christmas shopping for last minute regardless of the fact that I told myself time and time again, THIS will finally be the year that I get everything done before december 1st… Yeah, okay. Extremely ambitious.

So, I left for a full day of shopping to totally knock off my list with my friend Brittany, supportive of each other in our pitiful procrastination. Jake was coming the day after Christmas and I was so excited because this would be our first Christmas season together, even though I was a little bummed he had to work Christmas Eve so we wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas day together. Nevertheless, it had been 14 weeks since I last saw him so I was beyond excited, Christmas or not.

Wrapping up a relaxing and hilarious day of shopping, sales and not-so-sales but still buying it anyway, my sister and brother in law called, they had just arrived in town. So we all met up at Chipoltle for dinner.

We reunited, hello’s and hugs and hurried inside to get this heavenly goodness in our tummies.

My sister regretfully mentioned she left their coupon book possessing a glorious Chiplotle discount in the car  so of course I ran out to get it. Yes, ran. I was quite hungry.

As I was running, might I mention pretty swiftly, directly towards what I thought was their car the most awkward thing happened. The car door opened and a man started to get out. As soon as I realized it wasn’t their car but some strangers, I did this hilariously humiliating little ‘slow to a stop and awkwardly look around because I wasn’t running towards your car, I was just running out here in the middle of this wide open parking lot to look around and get some fresh air” thing. Embarrassed, I turned myself right around and hoped I didn’t make any eye contact with him.

I heard a familiar “hey!” from behind my shoulder and whipping around I stood there dead in my tracks staring at my beloved JAKE.

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So it was Christmas Eve and quite frankly like any other day, I still had not a clue in the world that something was brewing.

After some quiet family time in the morning, we all headed out to the movies to see Frozen.

We got home, grabbed something to eat, and Jake told me he wanted to take me out on a date for the afternoon.

I asked him what I should wear and he did a good job at acting like it was no big deal and anything casual would do… good thing I still got somewhat ready :-)

As we were pulling out he suggested that we swing by the park where he first told me he loved me. I didn’t think much of it because I knew he loved that park and has suggested that in the past.

When we arrived I still had no clue and not a care in the world. I think I was skipping and maybe singing. All I wanted to do was take pictures and Instagram!

He took this one of me moments before the big moment :-)

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We were standing and talking in the exact spot where he first told me that he loved me when I leaned my head against his chest. I felt his heart pounding out of his chest and asked him if he was okay. He came up with some clever excuse and I was still completely oblivious.

After a few moments he whipped out his phone and told me he had something to show me. Playing a video, he stretched out his phone in front of me.

Starting to play on his screen was a video of his little 4yr old brother holding a small box and talking about a ring. He opened the box and Jake asked him who it was for.

He said… “Header”

My heart stopped and when I turned around he starting to get down on his knee!

I could hardly breathe and the tears were coming.

He told me about the commitment he desired to give to me, to always love, protect, cherish and lead me, and then… he asked me to be his WIFE!!!

I was screaming “YES!” inside the whole time and finally let it out!

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We returned home to visit with my family and it was the very BEST Christmas of my entire life!

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