Hello Apparel

posted on: March 10, 2014






SWEATSHIRT: Hello Apparel
SHOES: Thrifted (Similar here)

Feeling so proud to be sporting this cozy, fun, ultra-soft, red Hello Apparel pullover. Hello Apparel is dedicated to the quality of their products, and my my it sure does show. This hoodless pull-over is cut long and slim and has a fantastic light weight and does not feel bulky in the slightest bit. Did I mention how SOFT it is? It’s truly perfect for staying warm all winter long, or cozying up on spring and summer nights around the the campfire with friends. The red in this particular item is not obnoxious and cheesy, but bold and looks good with really any skin type. I’m not exactly a red person (let alone a color person at all), but I love the way this color looks. Also, I’d say their sizes run a little big. I’m in an XS here. Timeless and cute, and makes for a friendly atmosphere.. especially when people take the hello on your clothing as serious as if you just said it to their face. See more of their adult and adorable baby/toddler products here :)


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