posted on: January 3, 2014


This break has been nice and relaxing with scattered adventure. Canada is quite the iceberg for my southern blood. Today was -20˚ fahrenheit (shoot me in the face) and I’ve become terribly sick with a cold and cant get any air in through my nose. Being engaged is still setting in as we cant believe we’re about sign our lives away ;-) Just kidding, we love it. Praying through our future and moving forward in making decisions for our life together has been more than exciting and rewarding. Jake has been such a servant as I have been sick and I cant help but thank the Lord for what a wonderful husband he is going to be.

Pray for us as we prepare for this new season and have to make some big decisions in a short amount of time. We are thankful for what the Lord is doing in and through our relationship already and we pray that he continues to give us strength and wisdom as we move forward. We are so thankful for all of your encouragement and wishes, they mean the world to us. We look forward to filling you in more and sharing both of our hearts, thoughts and inspiration here as we move closer to staring our very own life and family together.

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos and try to think about how cold I am.




  • marcia

    aww, these photos are just so full of HAPPY. I simply adore the last one.
    And you are just stunning. (like srlsy, can i have ur hair??)

  • Alyssa

    These are just beautiful. I only hope my boyfriend and I honor God like the way you two do.

  • Sini│my blue&white kitchen

    Forgot to mention it in my previous comment: that ring is gorgeous! I think he picked the perfect one. [And I saw what you did with the nailpolish there! Golden finger, huh? ;)]

    Wishing you a wonderful time together in Canada,

  • amber

    congratulations!! happy happy news.
    and trust me, girl.. i feel your pain.
    it’s COOOOOOLD here.

    hope you feel better soon.

  • Megan

    What a stunning blog you have here! I am in love.

    Congratulations on your engagement, it is the funnest, most incredible time of your life – and then you get married – and it just gets even better!

    Do yourselves a favour and go for those premarital counseling classes – believe me, it isn’t just for people who have problems, it enriches your life and relationship.

  • Celestine

    Hi! It’s my first time here and I’m so happy I came across your blog. It’s so pretty and I can just browse forever. Also, congrats on your engagement!

  • Taylor

    I just found this space. It’s gorgeous and I seem to have found it at an exciting time in your life. I can’t wait to follow along!

  • Tania

    These photos are so adorable! :) I can speak from experience- having a godly husband is the greatest gift in the world. :) Looks like you chose well!! Feel better!!

  • julia-tagandtibby

    Yes to all of this! Love the photography. We live in a cold climate also from the south…trusting God in our future has been a consistent prayer for much of our lives.

  • Olivia

    Heather! I am so excited I literally stumbled across your blog through Cup of Jo’s recent link…and when I scrolled down I realized that this beautiful blogger is someone I know! My husband and I have been working at Emmanuel in Ontario with the young adults (holla, fellow american canadian couples!) and we met several weeks back. Anyhow, we had the privilege of praying for you guys last wee and now I can follow the here and there’s of your story through this blog. All the best! xo

    • heathergracegreen

      Olivia!! Of course I remember you and your husband! So happy you wound up here :) Hope to be back and see you again sometime soon!