Simple Tricks to Beautifully & Elegantly Icing Cupcakes

posted on: January 16, 2014



It’s nice to finally be back, although I certainly don’t regret taking a long, relaxing holiday break. It was much needed, but it’s time to get back and kicking again with lots of great things planned for Garland of Grace in the new year! I’m so excited!

What better way to begin than a post with an amazing cupcake expert dropping her knowledge on how to perfectly grace cupcakes with artistic and beautiful icing styles?

As you scroll through the pictures, you will see Brittany’s unique approach to simple icing art. We set up a little make-shift studio in her home, full of natural light, cute green walls, and blue doors. Watching her work was so fun and inspiring as she is amazing at what she does. But, what I love most about these is how simple they are(do NOT scroll to the end). All you need are the right decorating tips, and you’ll be pro in no time!





I think this is one of my faves!




These pretty little decorative beads put a nice touch on any simple cupcake, as well as the candy discs. What’s not to love?


Brittany’s Tips:

1) Never fill the bag the whole way. Having less in the bag gives you more control.

2.) When icing the cupcake, some start at at the edges and circle into the center, but I always start at the center and work my way out.

Okay, now for good measure (and yes, a good laugh too), this is my best shot at the pros. I’m not so sure… maybe i’ll leave this stuff to Brittany ;)




Brittany credits most of her skills to a talented baker she used to bake with, Rebecca.