Your Fave Waves

posted on: February 28, 2014

So there’s talk about this thing called the “perfect beach waves.” In my opinion, it’s hard to say that when many of the gals trying to achieve this look are coming with an extremely wide range of hair types, styles & textures. So, how about instead of referring to it as this perfect, no-matter-how-hard-I-try-I-just-cant-get-it-right kind of beach wave, we’ll just call it your fave wave. I’m always trying new things with an imperfect, half-messy-but-I-still-tried kind of wavy look and if I’m being truly honest, I don’t even think I do it the same way for myself each time so don’t think that there’s only one way to success. I haven’t found the “perfect steps” because sometimes I sleep on wet hair and it’s a frizz party of a lion mane (and yet somehow still flat?) in the morning, and other times I can blow-dry and lift my roots and my curls will come out different in each situation. You see? Just read over my tips and suggestions and maybe try something new if you haven’t tried it yet. You might like how it turns out.



  • Okay, you actually can’t live without this Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. Its perfectly rugged and yet so hydrating for your hair without drying it out (the salt) or leaving it too greasy (the conditioning). I’ve made my own.. let’s just say it’s really hard to achieve this product well.


  • Spray your product on damp hair. Sometimes I’ll dry my roots with my root lifter and THEN spray my salt spray about mid-shaft down to the tips .


  • After your product is in, while your hair is still damp, pull apart little pieces and twist them and continue to let it air dry. This will already give you a nice piecey look and texture before you ever start curling.


  • Manually wrap the piece of hair completely around the iron and avoid using the clamp.


  • Don’t curl the very ends of your hair.


  • Curl each section all the way to the root. If you are using a fatter iron, this will help with lift at the root.


  • Wait until all the curls have cooled before running your ringers through or flipping your head upside down to loosen them.


  • Try alternating the way you wrap each piece of hair around the iron. (forward & backward)


  • Finish off with a mist of hairspray and rock ‘n roll!

Have fun experimenting, my friend! And comment with some of your favorite tips :)





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